About the CO-OP

Games-ready professional development.
What exactly is the CO-OP?

The Olympic CO-OP is Games-ready professional development. If your job is to help athletes achieve their Olympic goal, then the CO-OP is for you…and your peers. It is a peer-to-peer process in which to reflect, challenge and support each other in your shared purpose. It’s a trusted environment, a place to strategize, solve problems and ask questions — together. Supported by experts, leadership coaches, facilitators and consultants, the CO-OP is structured in a way to let you customize and develop your strategic needs and address them with others who share them.

How does it work?

It’s simple. Small groups will meet (virtually or in person) for about 90 minutes each month, or so, and each member of the CO-OP will receive a certificate of achievement once they reach their target. You can build your own peer group or drop-in on a session already established.

What are people saying?

“The ability to connect and network with some of the top coaches in our country is attractive. Many scenarios around athletes, communication and planning are similar across sports”.
— Canada Basketball Coach

How do I get involved?

Tell us about yourself, your needs and simply register with one of our drop-in programs or design your own group session.

Achieve, together.

In the heart of the Canadian Olympic Committee’s knowledge management strategy are vibrant, effective, yet deceptively simple networks built to solve problems quickly. That heartbeat is you…collectively, with your peers.

By working together, in an open, co-operative and scheduled way, we can share knowledge and solve our shared problems more effectively. This is a proven process which has earned measured results in high-performance sport around the globe.

Shared Knowledge
Expert Leadership Coaches
Effective Problem Solving


Provide opportunity for this country’s best sport leaders to collaborate, share knowledge and achieve the strategic outcomes they need by working together as peers.


By empowering Canada’s sport leaders with co-operative resources to achieve their goals, Team Canada can arrive at any Olympic Games with the highest-possible performance mindset.


Connect a familiar network of peers to solve problems, strategize and share knowledge in our pursuit to redefine what is humanly possible. 

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