You have made a big difference in Canada’s sport system, just by being you.

By virtue of who you are, what you have done and what you are committed to do, you have helped to launch an unprecedented avenue for funds into the Canadian sport system: A boost of potentially $1 billion by the end of 2028. The initiative shows that you are the proof sport can truly make a difference, open new doors and inspire a generation to continue what you started.

Introducing, the Canadian Olympic Foundation’s new initiative 5to8; a first-of-its-kind fundraising effort to help athletes increase their focus on the demands of training and commitment to their Olympic goals — instead of the funds to do it.

“I’v seen other athletes leave their sport because they couldn’t meet the financial commitments of competing for Canada,” said Alex Bilodeau, a three time-Olympian, two-time Olympic champ in Freestyle Skiing, Moguls.

The 5to8 campaign addresses this fact head-on. It’s an investment in you, and the road you paved for those behind you.

And it’s already working.

In July 2017, the Government of Canada launched the Next Generation Initiative to match funds available to the national sport system to help develop the high-performance athlete pathway. The announcement ignited some incredible opportunities, and the Foundation’s 5to8 campaign is designed to truly take advantage of that. The program shows a commitment to helping raise $4 million a year which, as promised, will be matched by the Canadian government, potentially unlocking $8 million dollars per year for our sport system.

“We envision this … as leveraging the power of that money for the benefit of athletes, to the benefit of coaches, to the benefit of the national sport federations for physical space, capital projects and for research,” said Canadian Olympic Foundation CEO Paul McIntyre Royston. “We believe in the power of philanthropy to change sport, and for sport to change lives.”

Indeed, this is what the power of sport looks like.

What you have accomplished in your career has helped lift Team Canada to become the most successful it has ever been. You have helped open new doors and inspired an entire generation of young athletes who, like you, are committed to their Olympic pursuit.

“We believe in the power of philanthropy to change sport, and for sport to change lives.”

This campaign is tailored specifically to fuel that pursuit; to continue clearing the trail you have blazed for the Next Generation of Olympians just five-to-eight years away from a podium. It will increase access to coaching, equipment, and training environments for thousands of young Canadian athletes, helping to guide them through a less financially stressful pipeline.

Two-time Olympic Basketball player Shona Thorburn agrees successful Canadian athletes need the freedom to focus on their own commitment, not a need for funding dollars.

“You have to have a burning passion to compete at the highest level,” she said. “But it’s your commitment and dedication that will drive you … especially on the tough days”


It’s your legacy which shows anything is possible for athletes and coaches who are hungry enough for excellence in our country. Together, that legacy grows. And the Canadian Olympic Foundation understands what this means; what goes into a dedicated life of high-performance sport. So, by helping to lift some of sponsorship and fundraising pressure from the Olympic journey, and the pursuit of future Olympians, we can reach the power of high-performance sport even further.

Be empowered, be encouraged and continue ‘being Olympic’ by sharing your story and the value of donating to sport excellence in Canada.


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