Athlete Expression: Rule 50

Building on existing opportunities, the IOC AC has launched a consultation process with athletes and athlete representatives to explore new ways to express your views during the Games while respecting the Olympic spirit. Take their survey on Athlete Expression at the Olympic Games – your help can assist in providing a truly global athlete perspective.

You can register for the survey here.

OLY Network: A Facebook Group for all Canadian Olympians

In case you missed it, we have officially launched our newest team initiative – an exclusive Facebook Group for all Team Canada Olympians to connect and strengthen relationships. The Olympian community is a very unique one, and we believe that we are stronger together. This is a group for Olympians at all stages of their lives, made by Olympians. From the sharing of memories and opportunities, to connecting on a more personal level, we believe in our potential together. Content will be fun and engaging; whether it is reminiscing on past experiences, or seeking guidance on new projects. 

You can learn more about OLY Network here.

If you have not joined yet, you can do so here – and remember to invite your OLY teammates and friends!

10 Team Canada Athletes Who Made Us Proud and Gave Us Hope in 2020

We’ve all had so many unexpected challenges thrown our way in 2020. For many Canadians, it has been undoubtedly rough, which is why we’ve chosen to find some light in the darkness. We’re so thankful for the amazing Team Canada athletes who brought smiles to our faces even when there was not much to smile about.

Check out these 10 uplifting, truly Canadian stories from athletes who made us proud this year and led us to believe that 2020 may just have been the year of hope.

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