Save Taxes, Save Money!

Game Plan would like to help you keep more of what you earn through proper tax planning which is critical to stretch your money to pay your bills and reach your financial goals. Whether you are unemployed, employed or a self-employed athlete, this high impact workshop, hosted by the Financial Literacy Counsel, will teach you valuable tax tips before the tax deadline. The Tax Workshop Webinar will take place online at 7:00 PM EST on March 3rd. Be sure to register today!

YouToi 2.0: Athlete Transition Program

YouToi2.0 is Game Plan’s athlete transition program. It is designed to support you, one of Canada’s Olympians, through your transition to life after sport. This begins with a 2-day workshop and then continues with monthly check-in calls. During this workshop, athletes will be equipped with the necessary tools to begin to define your identity outside of sport, start the process of normalizing your transitions, build confidence and begin to better understand yourself. Athletes will discuss their strengths, future goals, problem solving strategies and most importantly how to attain their peak personal well-being. The deadline to apply is March 27, 2020; you can find the application here.

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