The journey to becoming an Olympian is a long and tireless one; it requires hard work, determination, resilience, and a lot of heart. It is filled with wins, losses, heartbreak, celebrations, and years of effort. Along the way, you learn how to handle these situations, and how to overcome the ones that set you back in order to meet your final goal: The Olympic Games.

You have had the opportunity to practice tenacity, dedication, and perseverance on a daily basis. You understand what it’s like to face challenges and adversity. By sharing your experiences with children across Canada, you can lead by example, and help students understand and develop the skills necessary to thrive and succeed. When Team Canada Olympians share their experiences through the principles of sport, students can connect their own lives to the values of effort, fair play, and teamwork more easily. 

Team Canada Champion Chats is a recently launched program built to connect Team Canada Olympians and Paralympians with classrooms in Canada – from big cities to the most remote communities. On each chat, a group of 4-5 athletes will be led by a host through discussions on topics that align with Provincial and Territorial curriculum. As Olympians, you have a unique position and ability to provide incredible examples and lessons on each of these skill sets. Your stories are not only interesting, but inspiring, and will help teachers reinforce their lessons with discussions and examples. Olympians will have the opportunity to give back to communities all over Canada, have a positive impact on children and youth, feel inspired through their work with students and teachers, and have the opportunity to develop the skills needed for success in life after sport.

Olympians will be compensated with an honourarium of $250 per chat. If you are interested in joining the team, please submit an application below!


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    Jenny (Wingerson Meldrum) Madill
    August 29, 2019

    I am a very old Olympian x 2. At the age of 76 would there be anything of relevance that I could contribute?

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