Game Plan Summit: Game-Changer

What would you say to your 10-year-old self, if you had the chance?

As a high-performer, there is no doubt you carry some valuable advice; wisdom that may not have seemed like a big deal at the time, but turned out to be game-changing down the road. Athletes, coaches and support staff know this all too well. If our goal is to develop the best versions of ourselves – especially in the moment of truth – then we must garner wisdom about the entire process; even beyond sport.

That’s an amazing thing about this committed lifestyle: We surround ourselves with experts and learn from the very best. Every day. Eventually, though, that lifestyle changes. Competition ends and ‘performance’ turns into something completely different. What would your 60-year-old self tell you about that, if they had the chance? It could be game-changing advice. Enter: Game Plan Summit — May 11-12, Calgary.

Research has shown us that athletes who work on non-sport development while actively training and competing, actually achieve better results. It helps to maintain motivation, decrease the risk of burnout, reduce distractions…all of which can extend athletic careers, and achieve better balance. Game Plan is this balance.

Keynote Speakers: Nicole Gomes (Top Chef Canada), Clint & Joanie Malarchuk (Incredible NHL family)

Marquee Topics: Sponsorship; Career Advice; Surviving Struggle; De-training; Stress; Resiliency; Emotional Intelligence; Money; Communications; Entrepreneurial skills; Thriving in new environments.

This two-day event is where life-long lessons are brought into the context of here-and-now, to help athletes focus on what they have to do today…and tomorrow…to find success.

“(Finding) balance is so important to a good performance.” - Benoit Huot, 20-time Paralympic medallist

Game Plan Summit is not just another conference. By bringing together Canada’s Olympic, Paralympic and National Team athletes for two days of learning, connecting and growth, the Summit is a huge opportunity to set up for the future — while finding balance now. As an athlete, it’s no secret that finding balance is critical. Diet, recovery, training; the list goes on. And if there are missing pieces, performance suffers. The future is a key piece to the puzzle, too.

The Summit is not taking time away from what athletes are focused on now. It’s a chance to heighten that focus. It’s a chance to learn from others who have been there before and hear what up-and-coming athletes are saying. It’s a chance to take potential advice from your 60-year-old self, and discover how to train for the things in life that will always matter most to you.

Registration deadline is April 15.


“You can explore different opportunities without sacrificing your athletic career.” - Rosie MacLennan, two-time Olympic gold medallist



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