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There is no question, you will be prepared for Games. But, will the Games be prepared for you?

It depends on how accurate, timely and complete your Games profile is. The good news is that you can simply log into The Bridge now, put this necessary step behind you, and continue to focus on the big task at hand: preparing and qualifying for the Games. The better news is having a profile which is on point, and (especially) on time, is a big plus for you once you arrive.


Here’s an inside look at why completing your profile, on time, is critical to your Games experience:

  • Accurate, interesting details help create your media story:

    The information you provide on The Bridge is considered official and accurate. This means the details you share will inform media across TV, print and online. Canadians want to cheer for you, so help them get to know who you are! Media is consistently reaching out for suggestions on athletes with great stories. By providing robust biographical information, the COC communications department can better share your story with traditional and social media and bolster your official profile on Olympic.ca and the Team media guide. If you ever wish to make a change to your published bio, please email athletebios@olympic.ca with updates.

  • Your key info offers fundamental access to Games:

    The information you provide on The Bridge for accreditation will effectively give you the access needed to travel to and get around Games. But, the process takes time and calls for various levels of cross-checking and approval – for good reason. Accreditation usually acts as the entry visa for the host country, so it’s critical we have complete and accurate info when submitting for you. Passport info, birthday, family name, sport…etc. all need to match the records held by respective governing bodies. You can lessen the chance of a delay in your travel (or risk of unnecessary fatigue) by making sure your submission for accreditation is tight, including a proper passport-style photo. If your passport needs to be renewed (for Lima, it must be valid until February 11, 2020), now is the time to get it done.

  • Look and feel great in your customized kit:
    Team Canada’s official outfitter, Hudson’s Bay, will be designing clothes just for you at Games. It only makes sense they fit you the way you want. In order for that to happen, the COC must submit a general order more than a year before Games. For your clothes to fit you just right, it’s important to update your sizing on The Bridge well in advance. To help you do this, we’ve added new feature under the Outfitting section, where you can view your best size.
  • Marketing partners have opportunities for you:
    Team Canada’s marketing partners make up a big part of the Olympic journey for all of us. Those partners want to show that you are a part of their story too and regularly seek athletes to attend events they host and sponsor. The more we know about you through your official profile on The Bridge, the more opportunities we can help find for you.
  • Potential distractions can be avoided:

    Clothing sizes, interesting bios, marketing opportunities, accreditation, passports…it’s a lot to think about. But we are here to make it so you don’t have to when Games-time approaches. You will have other things on your mind. We get that, which is why each piece of information required serves a very specific purpose in lowering the risk of those possible distractions for you. By filling out your profile on The Bridge now, you can help us take care of these important details before they get in the way of your Games-time planning.


If you ever have any questions or concerns, the COC team is here to help.


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