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2022 Athlete Engagement Protocol

The Canadian Olympic Committee believes that (i) Team Canada athletes and their stories are at the heart of the Canadian Olympic Movement, (ii) athlete engagements with Team Canada are anchored in shared Olympic values and are intended to forge a strong and long-term sense of belonging, and (iii) athlete engagements with Team Canada should be mutually beneficial to the athletes, Team Canada and stakeholders involved.

This 2022 Athlete Engagement Protocol (AEP) has been developed in line with the above principles and strive to ensure clarity, consistency and alignment for the various Team Canada Athlete Engagement requests managed by the COC. Below, you will find this protocol as well as the Manager of Athlete Marketing & Olympian Legacy, Sandra Sassine explaining how to navigate it.

AEP Overview

Athlete Marketing Partner Awards & Programs

As a Canadian Olympian, you are eligible for many unique opportunities, that we wanted to make sure you were aware of! Take a look through this resource if you are interested in learning more about the offers that are out there for you.

OLY Canada Commission

The OLY Canada Commission represents “Team Canada Olympians” which includes both active and retired Olympians, and brings Canada into alignment with the IOC and World Olympian Association governance requirements. The objective of OLY Canada is to empower all Team Canada Olympians (active and retired) as ambassadors of the Olympic Movement. A united and engaged Team Canada Olympian community brings the Olympian status beyond competition on the field of play and brings the Olympic Movement closer to Canadian society. In contrast, the COC’s Athlete Commission’s mandate is to represent the voice of current and aspiring Olympians and Pan American Games athletes and to provide their perspective in crucial areas such as athlete rights, safe sport policies, and Olympic Team selection policies. 

The inaugural OLY Canada Commission members are:

  1. Elected Members serving four year terms: David Calder OLY (Rowing – Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Beijing 2008, London 2012), Christine Nesbitt OLY (Speed Skating – Turin 2006, Vancouver 2010, Sochi 2014), Claire Carver-Dias OLY (Artistic Swimming – Sydney 2000) and Olya Ovtchinnikova OLY (Fencing – Beijing 2008);
  2. COC Board Appointed Members serving two year terms: Charmaine Crooks OLY (Athletics – Moscow 1980, Los Angeles 1984, Seoul 1988, Barcelona 1992, Atlanta 1996) and Christian Farstad OLY (Bobsleigh – Lillehammer 1994, Albertville 1992);
  3. COC Athletes’ Commission Appointed Member serving terms based on their time on the AC: Philippe Marquis OLY (Freestyle Skiing – Sochi 2014, PyeongChang 2018); and
  4. COC Staff Appointed Member: Sandra Sassine OLY (Fencing – Beijing 2008, London 2012).

Rule 40 Guidelines for Tokyo 2020 & Beijing 2022

These guidelines outline how the Canadian Olympic Committee (“COC”) implemented Rule 40 in Canada during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (being held in 2021) and the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games (collectively the “Games”), including how athletes continued to promote their personal sponsors (i.e. brands and companies who are not Olympic partners), and how these sponsors continued to feature athletes in advertising during the Rule 40 period (the “Games Period”).

Building Your Story: Understanding and navigating social media as a Team Canada athlete

This was built to empower all Team Canada athletes to make the best possible use of social media accounts and tell the story of their sports, their teams, their journeys, and themselves.

Claire Carver-Dias, OLY takes us through 3 ways to start your presentation off with impact.

Claire Carver-Dias, OLY takes us through 3 tips on how to handle the Q & A session at the end of an engagement.

Claire Carver-Dias, OLY takes us through 3 ways to set yourself apart when entering the job market.

Tips on Dealing with the Media

Here you can learn about the positive opportunities involved with telling your story, how to best deal with the media, and how to better avoid distraction that may take away from your sport competition.

Join the Olympic Movement

Here you can learn about the Olympic Movement, the definition of Olympism and the Olympic Values. We also provide information on Olympic Education in Canada and opportunities to engage as ambassadors.

If you have any questions, we are here to help so please connect with us at We hope all these educational tools empower you to be the best Team Canada role models!

Game Plan

Game Plan, powered by Deloitte, is Canada’s total athlete wellness program that strives to support national team athletes to live better and more holistic lives. Below is a list of resources that are available to all Team Canada Olympians through Game Plan.

Check out the Game Plan website for a list of all available programs and resources. You will be prompted to create an account to access all sections of the website.

Canadian Olympic School Program

The Canadian Olympic School Program offers over 100 free online education resources that are aimed at promoting safer and more inclusive sport environments, inspiring the application of the Olympic values, and engaging Canadians in adopting and maintaining healthy active lifestyles. The resources are pedagogically sound, adaptable lessons written by teachers, for educators, athletes, coaches and community groups. Check out the Canadian Olympic School Program page to access the resources (log-in required).


The Canadian Olympic Committee believes in equity and justice for all. Athletes should be judged by their performance on the field of play and their character as people, embracing all athletes for who they are. Developed in conjunction with Egale Human Rights Trust and the You Can Play Project, the One Team program is aimed at promoting LGBTQ+ inclusion and respect in schools and in sport throughout the country. You can learn more about this initiative here and to get involved, email our OLY team.

COC Whistleblowing Policy

The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) is committed to creating and maintaining an environment that is free from harassment and discrimination on prohibited grounds. The COC Policy Statement and Guidelines on Conduct is available to addresses such matters.

The COC Whistleblowing Policy enables COC Participants to raise concerns about any prohibited behaviour or any breach of the COC Policy Statement and Guidelines on Conduct anonymously and without fear of reprisal.

To report a concern, you may use the confidential website: or call 1.833.627.0491. Alternatively, you can complete the form found on page 7 of the Canadian Olympic Committee Policy Statement on Whistleblowing. You can also refer to the Safe Sport section on the COC website.

Canadian Olympic Experience

Located in Montreal, the Canadian Olympic Experience is a family-friendly interactive museum that honours you, our country’s athletes, and celebrates Canada’s Olympic Movement. As a Team Canada Olympian, you always have free access to the exhibit – simply identify yourself as an Olympian at the ticket desk, present an ID and enjoy a complimentary visit. If you know the dates of your visit in advance, please send us an e-mail to let us know.

Olympic Club

The Canadian Olympic Club is an all-access community uniting and rewarding Team Canada fans. Join the club to gain points, rewards and get email updates from the Canadian Olympic Team (log-in required).

Athletes’ Commission

The Athletes’ Commission (AC) represents the voice of athletes to the Canadian Olympic Committee Board of Directors and is instrumental in presenting Canadian athletes’ perspectives on policy and program decisions, such as Olympic Team selection, athlete funding and other matters concerning high performance sport in Canada. You can see the list of AC representatives or connect with the Athletes’ Commission via e-mail.

Sport Information Resource Centre

Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC) has been the leading and most trusted source to learn, share and support Canada’s sports community for over 40 years. SIRC is committed to engaging with organizations and individuals involved in or responsible for the development of sport and fitness in Canada and around the world. Check out the SIRC website for job opportunities, upcoming webinars, SIRCuit (national e-sport publication) and other sport empowerment resources.

Canadian Sport Helpline

Canadian Sport Helpline commitment is to ensure that Canadian sport participants of all levels compete in a safe and welcoming environment. Are you aware of a suspected incident of abuse, harassment, discrimination or bullying? Do you have questions and/or concerns regarding this incident? We are here to provide you with advice, guidance and resources on how to proceed/intervene appropriately in the circumstances.

World Olympians Association

The World Olympians Association (WOA) is an association of Olympic athletes from all over the world. Representing Olympians at all stages of their lives, the WOA’s mission is to serve Olympians and mobilize them to serve society. Check out the WOA website and see below for services and programs offered.


Athlete365 is a new brand created by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the IOC Athletes’ Commission that unites all athlete-focused IOC initiatives and communication. See how Athlete365 supports athletes on their journey to the Olympic Games and beyond. You will be prompted to create an account to access all sections of the website.

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