The Athlete Marketing & Olympian Legacy Team is excited to celebrate the two-year anniversary of OLY Canada with you all. We are announcing the launch of our newest team initiative – an exclusive Facebook Group for all Team Canada Olympians to connect and strengthen relationships. The Olympian community is a very unique one, and we believe that we are stronger together. This is a group for Olympians at all stages of their lives, made by Olympians. From the sharing of memories and opportunities, to connecting on a more personal level, we believe in our potential together. Content will be fun and engaging; whether it is reminiscing on past experiences, or seeking guidance on new projects. 

The foundational pillars behind OLY Network consist of Community & Friendship, Education, Accessibility, and Potential Possibilities. We encourage you to share your stories, pictures, and funny moments through content like Life After Sport, Throwback Thursday, and OLY in Action. Let’s all join together to leverage this incredible network.

Community & Friendship

Being an Olympian is a special honour and a title very few people have earned. We are hoping to increase our reach to the OLY community to create a greater sense of belonging. It is a goal of ours to have more Canadians informed about the programming we share through OLY Canada. It is a space for people of similar values, goals, and desire for excellence to create new connections.


This will go beyond the information in our Newsletter to make sure you are aware of and understand opportunities throughout the country & around the world that you are eligible for. We are all constantly learning about the Olympic movement, experiences of teammates, new initiatives, and ways to develop alongside each other. We will also use this as a space to share information from other departments at the COC and ways you can get involved (Education, Game Plan, Partnerships, Diversity & Inclusion, Digital, Communications, Foundation etc.).


We believe that ability to have all Olympians congregate to a unified social platform will be beneficial for everyone. The strength of the group and alumni base improves as numbers increase. We want to be able to reach out on the go with last minute opportunities, find out what cities you reside in, and connect more effectively – understanding life happens fast and things are always changing. Also, it will be very helpful to know what you are passionate about; are you an advocate for mental health? Do you work with youth? Are you looking to be a voice for a certain cause? What do you do for a living now? We want to hear!

Potential Possibilities

Whether a fellow Olympian needs help on a project or a job, connecting Olympians to each other is the first step to maximizing everyone’s potential. We want you to share the ways you are making an impact on others, which will encourage and inspire the more to do the same!

Some of the things you can expect to see from this group are:

  • OLY in Action – Highlighting certain athletes and their journey which we believe needs to be shared.
  • Throwback Thursdays – Encouraging our peers to post their favourite Olympic picture/moment.
  • Sharing your own projects – What might be going on in your life that others might relate to/want to support you on?
  • Tips & Tricks – Something you have learned through your experiences as an athlete that others may find value in.
  • Connection – Let’s work together to find ways to connect with one another more frequently than the Games.
  • Life After Sport – We know it can be hard to transition out of sport seamlessly. Let’s support each other through it & share the career paths that you have found along the way.
  • Polls or Questions – Are you curious about the opinion of the group? Ask away! We will be asking you to weigh in on both past and future projects.
  • Athlete Marketing & Olympian Legacy Updates – Sandra and Brittany to share their own stories by connecting with you more personably.

This group is private and only accessible to Canadian Olympians. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask at


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