Every year on June 23, Olympic Day celebrates the birth of the Modern Olympic Games. This calls to action the need to adopt and maintain healthy active lifestyles while living the Olympic values: excellence, friendship and respect.

While all Team Canada Olympians have different stories and journeys, the potential in their legacies is very much the same. That legacy comes with the opportunity to create positive change and build stronger communities through the Olympic values.

Celebrate Olympic Day 2020 with Team Canada by listening to the ‘What is your Olympic Legacy?’ Panel. This featured the 2019 Canadian OLY Legacy Grant Recipients Caroline Ouellette, Carolyn Trono and Eric Mitchell. It was hosted by chair of the Athlete Commission, Seyi Smith and Manager of Athlete Marketing & Olympian Legacy at the COC, Sandra Sassine.

To learn about how Team Canada alumni are extending their Olympic Legacies, read more here.

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